Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Saturday Surf #4

The internet is amazing isn’t it? You can find everything on it. We mean absolutely everything. This week for example we know that somebody in Edinburgh searched for the words “Scotland free or a desert,” on the worldwide web and somehow found Breaking More Waves. Then another person looked up “Zane Lowe talking about good loop pedal” and was directed here. And if anyone spots Ellie Goulding carrying a breast milk express pump at any festivals in 2011, be sure to let her know that a person from the Netherlands is looking for her, because someone there searched for the words “Ellie Goulding sexy boob milk at Bestival,” this week and arrived at this blog.

Whatever route you’ve made it to Breaking More Waves, as a regular reader or a newbie, welcome. This is the Saturday Surf, a weekly round-up of a smidgeon of tracks that we didn’t quite get to feature in full blog posts over the last seven days, but deserve some coverage.

There's just 3 songs this week - all better than the finest loop pedal and Elle Goulding’s breast milk. Possibly.

You may remember Pris from a while back. They’re the power-punk trio of girls (and a boy drummer) that come with the Eddie Argos (Art Brut) / Manic Street Preachers stamp of approval and SHOUT THEIR TWEETS LIKE THIS and have recently been stirring it up with a few Guillemots fans by tweeting things like “GUILLEMOTS ON 6MUSIC: ''I LIKE FOOD''. WHAT A VILE AND BORING THING TO SAY-BUT THEN HE IS IN A VILE & BORING BAND WHO DO BAD BEATLE COVERS” or as they tweeted to us “THEY’RE CUNTS.” No holding back there.“Is it true Guillemots fans cry in the corner after sex?” they asked forgetting the capitals, upsetting a few more Fyfe Dangerfield followers in the process. Even if you can’t stand their music follow them on twitter (here) and see what mischief they’re up to next. Here’s a cover version of The Clash’s Janie Jones that they put on line a while back - debut single The Better You Look The More You See is out soon (ish)

Janie Jones (cover) by I Love Pris

Next up is the geekily named Right Click Save As who delivers this rather good demo of prizeworthy-electro-indie-dance. The song is called House and with big swipes of lush synth and falsetto vocals there’s an undeniable similarity to the likes of Fenech-Soler coupled up with Friendly Fires. Right Click Save As is the solo project of one Ben Mercer and you don’t even need to click save as. Instead press the arrow download button below and the song is yours. Do it now.

RCSA - House (Demo) by RightClickMusic

Our final track for this latest Saturday Surf is a remix. From the darker edges of the internet the squalling nightmare sound of S.C.U.M is given a electronic-knob-twiddling reworking by Manchester’s new dark-rave princes Christian AIDS. The track has a scary distorted feel to it that means it’s not so far removed from the witch house scene. Like rain-soaked sex on someone’s grave, it’s all kind of wrong and yet also live-for-the-moment right.

S.C.U.M - Summon The Sound (Christian AIDS Remix)

That concludes the Saturday Surf for this time. We’ll be back on Monday with our nostalgic memory trip that is Music That Made Me before launching into the goodness of new tunes shortly after that.

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