Friday, 7 May 2010

King Charles - We Didn't Start The Fire

So with the UK election voting finished, here’s a brand new roughed up little gem mined by King Charles, who we featured a number of times on the blog last year, and finally caught live earlier this year. We Didn't Start The Fire was originally a top ten hit in the UK for Billy Joel back in 1989, but King Charles has updated the tune, keeping the melody and revamping the lyrics. So now instead of name checking Richard Nixon, children of thalidomide, Malcolm X and Dylan we get Obama, climate change, David Beckham and Laura Marling in a much more British take on the song. Ironically in the Billy Joel version of the song he sings “England’s got a new queen,” and in the King Charles video we see her again, just not quite as new looking as she once was.

“Labour government you’ve embarrassed us all,” King Charles sings, and a nation finishes voting. If you’re in the UK we hope you exercised your democratic right, if you didn't get locked out in a queue.

King Charles is playing a variety of gigs and festivals over the summer, where this reworked cover could get a pretty great reaction.

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