Monday, 31 May 2010

Powerlifter - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

What kind of parties do you go to ? The ones we go to always seem to involve debates about social stratification, the abandonment of culture or the use of Farrow and Ball paints on Victorian plaster. This is why you can usually find us lurking in the corner planning a new excuse to leave early.

We want our parties to be the kind that Powerlifter throw - full on nerdy geekcore rampages where getting naked and pouring beer down your throat faster than you can drink it is just for starters. Like an episode of Skins but with real people. Unless of course they are just some bad hipster joke. Make your own mind up by watching the video for Buffalo below - a punkish chip tune riot designed for those moments when the idea of a discussion about social stratification seems worse than suicide.

We suggest chip tune but Powerlifter deny that. “Don’t call it chip tune, and this ain’t Pixel Punk. To put it bluntly, this is just some badass f*cking party music,” they shout. Whatever it is it’s the sound of a Gameboy getting angry, with screaming rock metal vocals and heavy 8 bit arpeggios. Full of power pill shoutiness and console-rape noise, Powerlifter are low on high artistic merit, but high on ear crushing, ball blasting, bleep busting energy. Sometimes you’ve got to forget about quality control, just get drunk and free your inhibitions.

Powerlifter are giving away their whole album as a free download. Possibly because no one would actually buy it. Go grab it here and then attempt to sit through the whole thing in one sitting. More fun than the Farrow and Ball paint discussion ? Hell, it's the weekend, let's grab a beer, get naked and decide together.

POWERLIFTER - "BUFFALO" MUSIC VIDEO from Kevin Wildt on Vimeo.

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