Monday, 10 May 2010

Georgia Ruth - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

The first time we heard Ocean by Georgia Ruth we had to stop what we were doing, sit down and listen over and over; we were utterly spellbound. The 21 year olds beguiling music hook-grabbed us immediately. And it’s not only Ocean that is completely intoxicating - another track, the magical Anna has a gorgeous soothing and melancholy quality - we could imagine it being used as the backdrop to the sad lonely moment in a movie.

The music of Georgia Ruth (full name Georgia Ruth Williams) is unlikely to appeal to those who are only concerned with the latest hip fashion or blog buzz band - her sound and instrumentation is rooted in tradition, her main tool besides her haunting soulful / folk voice being her harp. Yet the harp has undergone something of a renaissance in the last few years; Joanna Newsom has been instrumental in raising its profile and Florence and the Machine has brought its sound to a wider mainstream audience with its use on Lungs. Georgia Ruth is unlikely to be following Florence into the pop charts, but with her songs of love, loss and seaside living she could enchant those who get the possibility to hear her.

Georgia is from Aberystwth in Wales and sings both in English and Welsh. Having studied at Cambridge University she recently released her own self titled EP and will be enchanting new fans with her devastatingly beautiful songs at this years Greenman Festival.

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