Wednesday, 26 August 2009

King Charles - Love Lust

In June we introduced the strangely charming King Charles, a man of plentiful hair and pedigree tunes. You can read what we said then here. It now appears that the second single from King Charles will be the learned and sage Love Lust, released through Mi7 records at some point later this year, most likely we suspect around the time when he steps out on the road with Mumford and Sons for their September tour dates.

Starting with its multi layered and sentimental folkish a cappella chorus of “Never let a woman go, even when you know, she can always be replaced, she can always be replaced,” it’s one of those tracks that leaps out you from the very first moment, with its nippy twang, skittering percussion and celebration of true love over beauty. Then before you can say “The divine right of kings,” it warps into a headlong cavalry charge of psychedelic guitars and hyperactive keyboard riffs before concluding passionately that “Love will set your soul on fire.” Bow down before him and join his rallying call - long live the king !

At the moment there's no official video for the song, but enjoy this performance from Glastonbury 2009.


Islandinthestream said...

I'd be interested to see how well this guy does - he's obviously incredibly talented - i even heard love lust on Rob da Bank the other night. Loving Love Lust - do you know when it's out?

Robin said...

Unfortunately we haven't seen a confirmed release date. We'll be keeping an eye out though.