Thursday 27 May 2010

Charli XCX - ??????

We have a real love / hate relationship going on for Charli XCX. Last November we explained some of the reasons why here, and still this tempestuous affair continues. Silly spoilt ninja hipster brat ? Or fantastically sassy sexy singer dripping with street style, glitter, glamour and gold ? We simply can’t make our mind up.

We’re being slowly drip fed hints of what Charli XCX may or may not offer in terms of musical potential, to help resolve this internal dilemma. The subtle hooky premier-pop Do It Well has gone from her Myspace and has been replaced with just a clip of demo of another song Machines, as well as two short videos displaying her debut performance at Koko in London, which show plenty of on stage confidence.

Now two You Tube videos entitled I Am Not An Angry Person and Hyperactive So Fantastic thrust the fizz bomb energy of youth into our faces and leave us feeling as confused as we were before. Like the disobedient girl in class that’s going to lead us badly astray, we know we shouldn’t go anywhere near her, but there is something about her riot in a sweetshop zest that makes us want to climb out of the bedroom window late at night and go raving with her, whatever the consequences.


Kris Holiday said...

been a fan of hers for while now. art bitch blew me away. im patiently waiting for an album. i have a gut feeling it will be massive.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it. I was meant to be her keyboardist but I had to turn the clown down. Ha!