Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Revere - We Won't Be Here Tomorrow

Revere is a big small band. Big in so far as there are a lot of members (eight), and they make a sound befitting of their size. Small only in terms of the number of units they have so far shifted.

Yet whilst Revere may not have achieved U2 sized commercial success they certainly deserve to be massive and their new single We Won’t Be Here Tomorrow fully justifies their case. A blast of throw your head back shout along magnificence, it’s a call for renewed beginnings. “Unchain everything, find new words to sing, no time for sorrow, we won’t be here tomorrow,” commands lead singer Stephen Ellis, whilst the propulsive mix of instrumentation which includes guitars, drums, bass, brass and piano heads for the heavens like the energised cousin of Arcade Fire. We're sure we felt the sweat of the drummer touch us as we listened to this song, he hits them so hard.

Revere have already received praise from Tom Robinson of 6 Music, The Times and The Guardian, who called them “one of the best bands you’ve never heard of.” We Won’t Be Here Tomorrow now gets our approval as well. You can catch the band at a variety of summer festivals in the UK in 2010 including Secret Garden Party, Standon Calling and the one street rampage that is Southsea Fest, where we first noticed the band here last year.

We Won't Be Here Tomorrow is streaming for your pleasure below.

Revere - We Won't Be Here Tomorrow by Breaking More Waves

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