Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Friends Electric - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

With a name like Friends Electric it’s not very likely that this Welsh four-piece are going to be playing trad folk or heavy rock. Ever since they sneaked into a Soulwax show in 2006 the band realised that it was time to drop the guitars and embrace the synth. Which is why in 2010 we find Friends Electric forming a highly contemporary sound that occupies a similar stable to bands such as Delphic and Fenech-Soler. Friends Electric may not be plugging in to anything particularly innovative or new, but their track Wall Of Arms pulls the best bits of chanted pop, euphoric rave and accomplished dance-floor friendliness together in a coherent flow. Likewise another song Hours has enough sensually determined fluttering electronic loops to provide a giddy moment of pleasure at a strobe lit club.

Besides their own songs Friends Electric have already remixed tracks for Ellie Goulding, The Noisettes, Kelis and Penguin Prison and have supported Example. Electronic music is often criticised for lacking warmth and a more human side, something which Friends Electric challenge, stating that they want to “put personality back into dance music.” Time will tell if these Neath lads can deliver on their promise. Wall of Arms streams below.

WALL OF ARMS by Friendselectric

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