Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Horrors - Primary Colours - Album of the Year #10

The Horrors sophomore album saw the band cast away from their major record label deal into the garbage bin. But amongst the refuse were discarded vinyl copies of albums by My Bloody Valentine, Bauhaus, shoe gaze bands and post-punk art school rock. It was these reference points that were the bands escape from being taken to the incinerator. It gave The Horrors a new stimulating direction without being a step too far away from their debut recording Strange House. Primary Colours is a psychedelic, dirty and fuzzy mix of noise that whilst obviously referencing the past became a darkly glorious listen in the present. By the end of the year it had received a nomination for the Mercury music prize and was the NME's album of the year. It is self assured, exciting and sonically rewarding in its monochromatic haze.

Primary Colours is an empowered piece of rock music that celebrates the fact that not every over hyped indie band will fall at the second hurdle. Better than we could have ever had expected, Primary Colours brings the goth crown to our albums of the year list. Our original review can be found here.


James said...

Probably my most listened to Album of this year :)
Can't wait for the next one and Apparently Faris Badwan is doing a solo project now?

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Yes, a number of The Horrors have diversified into solo projects. I believe Faris has worked under the name Lumina.

If you like The Horrors, you may not like the next couple on our list - but variation is the name of the game at Breaking More Waves towers !