Saturday, 5 December 2009

Delphic - Ones To Watch 2010 #5

If this year has been the year when synths and electronics finally became fashionable and exciting again, then we see no reason why in 2010 things will change, although there is no doubt that the sounds and ideas will progress, possibly towards a darker edge. Whereas many of the acts who have been heading the electronic resurgence are solo artists, we think it is high time for some more bands to get behind their computers. Delphic are one such band.

Delphic are from Manchester. This comes as no surprise as their sound follows a logical progression from other Manc favourites such as New Order and Happy Mondays, in that their futuristic numbers conjure up images The Hacienda, Factory Records and illegal raves. It’s heavily dance based, but they are not just a faceless dance act. The term is of course indie dance. Although the hazy images of Manchester past may be evoked by Delphic this is a band who are also looking forward rather than simply trying to replicate their favourite influences. Oasis they are not.

Formed out of the remnants of another band named Snowfight In The City, Delphic have already released two singles, the Orbital-esque looping Counterpoint and This Momentary through Kitsune, a song which takes you on a euphoric journey of tribal drums and floating vocals to a state of blissed euphoria. Next up is Doubt released Jan 4th 2010. It sounds a little less New Order and more Friendly Fires in its jittery dance workout with a chorus owes a small debt to the Klaxons

Delphic create music that is full of both club bound hedonism and headphone introversion, which has the potential to deliver some big rave-tastic moments come summer festivals in 2010. It is for this reason we have selected them for our Ones To Watch list. Not because of musical uniqueness or commercial crossover, but because we can imagine Delphic creating a perfect indie dance summer vibe in fields across the UK, although probably not wearing silly festival hats.

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