Thursday, 24 December 2009

Editors - You Don't Know Love

Back in October we called Editors third album In This Light And On This Evening a mixed bag. (Review here) It seems our opinion was higher than most, the album generally receiving lukewarm to poor reviews. The hard copy version of the NME listed it in their Top 10 worst albums of the year. However, out of the mixed bag we found there were three particularly good songs. The first Papillon has already been a single, the second In This Light And On This Morning is a great opener but not really radio friendly, and the third is You Don’t Know Love. It therefore comes as no surprise to see You Don’t Know Love released as the second single from the album, towards the end of January. Remixes of the track have been completed by Rob Da Bank, Tom Middleton and Caged Baby.

Formed around two repeated riffs, one from a synth and one from a guitar (yes the rumours of Editors going fully electronic are somewhat exaggerated) You Don’t Know Love finds lead Tom Smith bringing dark lyrics about running with the dead through cemeteries, but don’t expect any Michael Jackson thriller type dancing from the band. Instead the video, shot by Christopher Boyle, features what looks like a thinner Guy Garvey from Elbow look-a-like conjuring up acrobatic, twirling, whirling and hair unfurling fighting / dancing with a young goth lass, whilst the band play in a cupboard. There’s probably some great artistic statement behind it, but we’re damned if we can explain it.

Incidentally, if you can afford it and it is still available, may we recommend the bonus disc version of the Editors album with the additional CD Cuttings II - which in places is better than the main album - although maybe if the reviews got it right, that probably wasn’t that hard.

Editors - You Don't Know Love

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Matt Merritt said...

Hey Robin,

I really liked this track too, in fact there's a remix of it available for free download at!

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Cheers Matt. The Rob Da Bank remix is also worth checking out if you get hold of that.