Sunday, 1 November 2009

Express FM (Part 2)

Just over a week and a half ago saw our second appearance on the Guestlist show on Express FM a local radio station based in Portsmouth. To our embarrassment, yet again we were unable attend the studio for a live recording, due to our incessant gig going activity which took us to Brighton for two consecutive evenings. The reality was that once again our appearance was pre-recorded some three weeks before. This is the reason that the question “How have your couple of weeks been ?” received a rather long and rambling answer as explanations of activities in the future were explained as if they were in the past. The intention is for the next New Waves feature (this Wednesday) to be fully live and therefore a little less stilted! Here is an audio clip of Breaking More Waves rambling radio appearance number two, where we sound rather arrogant about being the first in the UK to write about Yes Giantess, but in excuse we were caught a little on the hop with the question and realise now that we need to perfect our media skills ! The music recommendation on the show is Stornoway If you haven't heard of Stornoway yet have a look at the label cloud in the sidebar and click on their name, they are worthy of your ears attention, and for those in the UK watch out for the bands appearance on Later with Jools on BBC2 soon next week.

Here's our small ramble.

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