Monday, 9 November 2009

Washed Out - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

Washed Out produce a sound that is blissfully dreamy, fuzzy and mellow with distant almost shoegazey vocals - it’s virtually impossible to understand the words being sung. At worst it is easy to imagine the sound of Washed Out cropping up all over those post nightclub comedown Chill Out compilations filed next to At The River by Groove Armada. At best we can visualise a whole album of this warm downy electronica which unlike much of the computerised genre abstains from harsh robotic sounds, instead reaching for something far more organic. Writing about this music out on a grey, cold rainy day in November seems somewhat incorrect, for Washed Out undeniably sound like the sound of summer. But then sometimes this is what we need music for, to take us on a journey.

Washed Out is one Ernest Greene from Perry, Georgia, who when he is not busy pushing out music on the internet is also an amateur photographer. You can check out his work using this link here. It captures the same gorgeous hazy atmospheres as his music. His first release was a now sold out limited edition two hundred copies cassette, which included the down tempo groove of Belong, currently racking up the plays on his Myspace. Now a new single Feel It All Around is now available from Pure Groove records in the UK. It arouses the slow contemplative spirit of 10CC’s I’m Not In Love and sun kissed beach romances that you wish would last forever. Utterly gorgeous. Time to fall in love again.

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