Sunday, 15 November 2009

Unicorn Kid - Animal City

Welcome to the jungle. Here’s a new video posted a few days ago from Unicorn Kid for his track Animal City. Even if you cannot stand Unicorn Kids bleepy Nintendo meets Commodore 64 rave chip tune, this film is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, particularly if you enjoyed Trigger Happy TV and the fighting cuddly animals created by Dom Joly. The video is a fan made piece by one Melissa Katz who understands in the same way The Flaming Lips do that big cuddly animals dancing will always make people happy.

Back in August when we first wrote about Unicorn Kid we confessed a warped love of his music, even though his tunes are made of the stuff that any ‘serious’ or ‘self respecting’ music fan would despise. We also said that this love would probably only last five minutes. That was August. It’s now November.

This will not be the last post about Unicorn Kid. We still don’t understand it ourselves. We can’t stand Basshunter, who there are similarities to, yet this we love. When you consider yourself a ‘serious’ music fan, but still want to be moved by music emotionally rather than just intellectually, sometimes you have to accept that even if your brain is saying hate, you just have to dive headfirst no matter what the depth of the pool, and show the love. We’ll be posting more on the issue of ‘serious’ music lovers soon and will hopefully be stirring up a debate, but for now enjoy the raving panda, lion etc....“Pawsome!” As the man says himself.

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