Saturday, 31 October 2009

Florence and the Machine - The XX Remix of You've Got The Love

The last two days we have posted about The XX and Florence and the Machine. So now it’s time to do a little musical mathematics. An equation of sorts. Where XX = FM rather than XY. Here’s that Florence video that we featured yesterday, but this time the beats are in - fresh from their support slots with Florence recently, The XX step up on the remix. It’s less of a remix and more of a cover really, with just a small vocal sample from Florence’s version. So that’s a remix cover of a cover. Now all we need to do is get Candi Staton to cover the XX, Florence and the Machine to remix it and it will be one very messy musical menage a trois. Now that would be something. It’s a good cover / remix though, with a loose dubstep vibe to it. Have a look and listen below.



Yeah this XX remix is OK, as is the original, (or is that the original-orignal), but I feel like your blog is a good space in which to state how much I fucking hate this miserable band to counter the blog coverage.

I've said it elsewhere on the blogoshpere and I'd say it to their ugly, gloomy faces, if only they'd look up from gazing at their (black) shoes.

I caught them live at Loop Festival this summer to check what the hype was about and felt like bursting into tears, soon followed by calling my mum to tell her I love her, before I slit my wrists and died a slow, boring, lonely death. I don't think they noticed...I don't think they noticed there were other people in the room in fact.

Don't get me wrong, I can plumb the emotional depths and far stretches of my imagination as good as any fucker, but The XX's durge goes to a new level of blandness.

They're everything I think I dislike in a band; Shoe-gazing, boring, echoing, self-indulgent, snail-paced, stoner music, which drifts past like a bad smell, and with just as much character.

It's music for them. In their bedrooms. Alone and all anxsty. Like a teenager that hates their parents, but can't accept it's actually that they smoke too much dope.

It's like they took Radiohead's OK Computer into their hearts 12 yrs ago and plumbed it's depths as the pinacle of all music. Sadly however, they selected not to aim for the Oxford band's seminal, climactic brilliance, rather they chose to focus on the moody, dark filler, like that's enough. They missed the fucking point man.


Gimme Lemmy, gimme The Phenomenal Handclap Band, gimme Marina & The Diamonds, gimme The Flaming Lips, gimme some coloured clothing, gimme a smile. Plug yourselves in. I dare you.

I double dare you motherfuckers.

...have I got my point across?

Cue the hordes of bloggers and readers that defend how deep and connecting this XX are. Cue the backlash that tells me I miss the point etc etc.

The XX are bad for music. It should be XXXX more like...

...Right, I'm going back to therapy now. Discuss...


Anonymous said...

Wow i really love The XX but they've just lost it.

This just sucks.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Well, each to their own. For us it is one of our favourite remixes of the year after the year defining Skream Remix of In For The Kill by La Roux.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Mike thanks for this and your other great comment on my review of the XX live @ Brighton Audio review. I think the comments I've made on the Audio gig post hold true in response to your post here as well. The bottom line is that is the beauty of music - sometimes we're always going to disagree. For you what is snail paced, stoner music is for others (including me) the beautiful melancholic sound of the comedown. You want colour and vibrancy from a band, and whilst many times I do, sometimes I want something self indulgent and angst
ridden to file next to my albums by bands like The Cure. And this is from someone who has never smoked dope in his life!

You get your point across loud and clear, but it doesn't change my mind at all. I understand where you are coming from, but in this case it's not where I am.

If nothing else, and maybe somewhat ironically, this quiet introverted band have got a huge reaction from you, a reaction that makes you want to shout in anger about them , and I would rather have a band like that than something so bland that nobody cares either way.

Music is a wonderful thing and it is great when people have a fire in their bellies about it.

Mistress Wanda said...

It took me a little while to get into the XX, but it was this remix that did it for me. It just totally turns the whole thing on it's head and gives a whole fresh outlook on a very old and (maybe) a bit overplayed song. I think it's a vast improvement on Florence's rather average version.

We need bands like The XX to mix things up a bit. They won't be to everyone's taste but at least they're doing something fresh and different.

As for being miserable, I find this a bit strange. To me they're dark and sexy...which is what some people think cunts are too!

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

"As for being miserable, I find this a bit strange. To me they're dark and sexy...which is what some people think cunts are too!"

:) I certainly think there is something a little bit mysteriously sexy about the vocals of The XX. Which then brings us on to the whole debate of what is sexy and what is not sexy in music. Is Britney Spears sexy ? Are Kraftwerk sexy ? Is Robert Smith from the cure sexy ?

Mistress Wanda said...

Oh Kraftwerk are definitely sexy!!