Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Silver Columns - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

Anyone remember Bronski Beat ? With so much music referencing the eighties at the moment we’ve been a little surprised that nobody has scooped up the pulsing high energy disco sound that Jimmy Sommerville and co brought to the charts and given it a high end noughties production make over.

But now someone almost has. Silver Columns are a new act that we know absolutely nothing about but the last few days have seen their tune Brow Beaten dance hyperactively and playfully through the blogosphere, and with good reason. Brow Beaten is a technotronic piece of electronic propulsion , verging on chip tune, that struts proudly straight to the dance floor and shakes its booty big time.

Nothing else is known about Silver Columns, their Myspace and Facebook pages giving absolutely nothing away, but the act - who are possibly a duo, have remixed Peter, Bjorn and John, Fever Ray and a Metronomy tune and Joe Goddard from Hot Chip has been involved in a remix (below). Check out the original version of Brow Beaten on Silver Columns newly formed Myspace or on blogs that host downloads, shake your hips, and then watch with interest for further developments.

Now where's our copy of Age Of Consent ?

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