Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Clock Opera - White Noise

Back in July (here) we got very excited by the magnificent Clock Opera, a band who in a bubble of passion we stated that we loved more than our own children. Offspring upset duly followed. We then followed it up with an interview with the man behind the music - Guy Connelly -in August. (Read it here.) At the time Guy told us that recordings were ready to go and that there would be news of a release soon. That time is now as Clock Opera release their debut single White Noise.

White Noise is a radioactively shimmering sound collage fused with experimentalism, as is a thundering rhythm heavy remix of the song that has been produced by Django Django. Connelly sings with a melancholy beauty of an accident he nearly had with a speeding riderless motorbike whilst electronic sounds slide in, out and over each other. This engineered soundscape never sounds like it has been created by white lab coat wearing scientists though, White Noise holds a warmth through its melody even when it startles by adding grooving funking drums and bass towards the end.

If White Noise wasn’t good enough on its own, then things get even better with the twinkling b-side of Alouette which sounds like Radiohead stepping through cascading fairytales. With both White Noise and Alouette, Clock Opera have created something just a little bit unique meaning that our kids are going to be feeling rejected again. Our love affair continues with Clock Opera.

White Noise can be purchased exclusively through Pure Groove here. Keep an eye out on the internet soon for a remix that Clock Opera have produced for Marina and the Diamonds as well. Here's the video for White Noise.

Clock Opera - White Noise from Killer on Vimeo.



Love Clock Opera. The Recommender's going to be putting on gigs in 2010 in Brighton and he's already agreed in principal to play. It might be part of a Neon Gold party we are discussing. He's getting some recording out of the way first though. Assume you'll definitely be attending these parties? We couldn't be more excited...

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

That would be great if that comes off. And yes will certainly be there.