Thursday, 16 July 2009

Clock Opera - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

Do you ever have occasions when you’ve had a real crappy day at work / college /school and you come home, put on the computer or radio and hear a song that instantly changes your mood ? Something so life affirming and brilliant that suddenly everything is all right again ? Well, we had one of those moments this week, and quite simply we can’t stop playing it since. Our neighbours probably think we’ve gone crazy, the same song looped over and over again blasting out into the summer air. By now everybody down our street probably knows every word of Once And For All by Clock Opera. Starting off with a simple half electronic half orchestral chiming sound that sounds like a baroque We Are Your Friends by Justice vs. Simian it effortlessly morphs into a broad sweeping pop song, the magnitude of which is so big that if it were a font size it would be 72. Plus more.

The good thing is that Clock Opera have some other delicious music as well. They call it ‘chop pop’ by which leader Guy Connelly means that he chops and samples sounds to create new ones and then splices them together to make brain invading pop symphonies with an edge. So expect unusual electronic sounds that combine texture and harsh beauty; the kind of sound that we last heard on the debut Maps album We Can Create. The fact that the atmospheric ambience of another Clock Opera song Allouette sounds a little bit like Radiohead at their most experimental means that the recent teaming of Kid A and Amnesiac engineer Graham Stewart with Clock Opera is a perfect combination. But for now we’re going back to listen to Once And For All. Like a wonderful drug it makes every day sound perfect. Go take some.

There’s no video to post, but use the link above to access their Myspace and see why we love Clock Opera more than our own children. (Well, almost.)

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