Sunday, 18 October 2009

Howard Jones - Soon You'll Go

For those under the age of about thirty the name Howard Jones will probably mean very little, even though he is an artist who has sold over eight million records; way back between 1983 and 1987, this man was a regular in the UK and US Charts.

To this day Howard Jones continues to write and record music, releasing it through his own record label and website to a small but dedicated group of fans. On October 26th Jones will release a new single Soon You’ll Go. It’s a simple and direct ballad sung from the perspective of a parent about their child flying the nest and leaving home. Musically it has just a hint of Gary Barlow about it and could find a comfortable slot on late night BBC Radio 2. The song also features wonderful backing vocals by the Morriston Orpheus Choir, recorded in the Cwm Chapel in Swansea, Wales. The song is a long way from Jones' chirpy eighties synth pop of old. Instead Soon You’ll Go reflects a man who, like his audience, has matured. An album Ordinary Heroes follows in November. Soon You'll Go may not be the usual kind of song Breaking More Waves features, but in our strange warped world an artist such as Jones is not that far removed from some of the bands we have blogged this year, particularly when he hoists out his electronic wizardry and gets all synthtopic. As someone once sang, we enjoy “Challenging preconceived ideas,” and that is why we're posting about Jones new single. Normal service with modern acts will be resumed tomorrow, in a week long 'special' but for now, here’s Howard.

We also hear of a campaign starting over at one of Breaking More Waves favourite family friendly festivals, Camp Bestival to get Jones booked to play there next year. Who could be behind that we wonder ? Have a look as the campaign gets underway here

Howard Jones - Soon You`ll Go on MUZU.

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