Thursday, 8 October 2009

Express FM

Today we’re going all self promotional. Breaking More Waves has been very kindly asked by our local radio station Express FM and their show The Guestlist to partner with them on a small radio feature every other week based on our New Waves @ Breaking More Waves blogs. The show is usually hosted by local music bastion Chris Stoneham and focuses on new, local, unsigned and up and coming music. The idea of the feature is simple - we will be bringing the music of a new artist that we are passionate about into the studio and giving it a little bit of local exposure to the stations broadcast area - Portsmouth and surrounding South East Hampshire. We hope to be talking about artists that we are currently featuring on the blog, with some 'exclusives' for the show.

The first of these features went out just a few hours ago by the magic of technology because we’re embarrassed to say that our ‘live’ radio broadcast was actually pre-recorded. At the time The Guestlist played out we were actually watching Yes Giantess, Local Natives, Marina And The Diamonds and Golden Silvers on the NME Radar tour at Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms, a review of which will follow later this week. Earlier that day the station broadcast in the studio live sets by Kate Walsh and the above mentioned Local Natives, so it was very disappointing not to be around.

After being interviewed about the blog we introduced our first ‘New Wave’ as Ellie Goulding , who we have so far written about here and here before playing her song Starry Eyed. You can listen to exactly what we said about the blog and Ellie using the players below.

We will be back on The Guestlist on 21st October and then bi-weekly after that. Express FM broadcasts in the Portsmouth area on 93.7FM. If you live elsewhere in the world you can listen live by using this link and then clicking on 'listen live' which is on the top right of the screen.

Introduction Part Of 'New Waves' Feature Click 'Play' Below

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Ellie Goulding 'New Waves' Feature Click 'Play' Below
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Joe said...

Sounds grand! If you fancy an 'exclusive' Billy Vincent session, I'm sure we could try and work something out ;)

In all seriousness though, look forward to hearing more! x

emmdee said...

Robin the radio star...!