Wednesday, 29 June 2016

New Music: Still Corners - Lost Boys (Video)

Having taken a few days out for Glastonbury festival - an incredible experience that has no lesser impact on me the tenth time as it did the first time I attended, in fact even more so now - and then a couple of days catching up with ‘real life’ afterwards, Breaking More Waves now slowly begins to roll itself out onto the world wide web again starting with the new single from Still Corners; a band who from their blissed out beginnings at the start of the decade are now gearing up to release their third album Dead Blue.

Lost Boys is arch, pulsing, glacial, synth-pop that verges on the darkly exotic with its twilight hours’ sound. The obvious comparison is Goldfrapp, dashed with a touch of Kraftwerk and Ladytron. It’s the kind of music that I imagine would go down very well in certain parts of Eastern Europe and cool German bars. Still Corners might have started out with a very blurry, almost vague sound, but Lost Boys is far more precise, almost enigmatic. It suits them well.

Still Corners - Lost Boys (Video)

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