Tuesday 14 June 2016

New Music: Rosie Carney - Better Man

If you’re a fan of the likes of The Staves and tender melancholy, then ready yourself for this this calm composed piece of beautiful folk.

It’s rare for me to post the same song twice on Breaking More Waves, and when I do it’s usually because the second time round a video has been released, as there's something extra to add to the mix. But today it’s the other way round. Nothing extra needs to be added. How can you add to something that is already perfect? What is needed is just the time to appreciate it over and over again. Hence the post.

I first featured Rosie Carney back in March when I streamed her song Antidote (which has now mysteriously vanished from Soundcloud) and a video for this song. Now it appears that Better Man is getting its own well deserved bit of promotion and an official release on 17th June via X Novo, with what is being billed as her debut EP being released in the autumn. The first time I heard Better Man it left me speechless. Then having finally mustered up some words in that previous post, this time I really have nothing more to add, except that this exquisite song is guaranteed to make your day better. 

Rosie Carney - Better Man

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