Wednesday 29 June 2016

New Music: Sofi Tukker - Awoo

Sofi Tukker (they’re a duo consisting of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern) have been picking up a fair head of steam with previous releases such as Déja Vu Affair, Drinkee, Hey Lion and Matadora and now you can add new track Awoo (feat. Betta Lemme) to that list. Get your dancing shoes on for this one as it takes a simple keyboard riff and rolls with it before going for the kill with a pause, a glorious shout of ‘Awoo’ and some percussion that heads off to planet oblivion. Sometimes we can all overthink music, both in terms of its creation and its meaning. Sometimes you’ve just got to let go of your inhibitions and have some fun. This is one of those tracks to do exactly that to. Yeah it's silly, but sitting stroking your beard and listening to Radiohead forever isn't really enjoying life is it?

Sofi Tukker hit the UK this week, touching down for just 1 day, but with 2 shows on Friday 1st July. 1st as part of the supporting bill at Massive Attack’s Hyde Park concert and then later in the evening with their own headline gig at the Lexington. If you’re at that second gig I’ll see you down the front for a dance.

This track as well as all the other tunes they’ve put out so far have been collected together and will feature on Soft Animals, their debut EP, due on 8th July. That phrase 'eagerly anticipated' is over used and not always true when used by music writer types, but certainly from my point of view Soft Animals is exactly that.

Sofi Tukker - Awoo

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