Wednesday 1 June 2016

New Music: Casi - Lion

“Whatever happened to xxxxxxx?” It’s one of those questions I tend to ask when an artist I’ve written about falls off my radar.

I almost got round to asking that about Welsh singer Casi. After posting about her in March 2015 on Breaking More Waves and catching a live set in May 2015 things seemed to go very quiet. Had she given up music to go on a spiritual journey to Goa to find herself?  Or maybe she’d invested in a property portfolio in London and made her millions before retiring to the Bahamas?

It seems it was none of these, because now she’s back, with a new song called Lion. Not only that it’s on a proper record label (Chess Club) which means that the song has already had a radio exclusive and a music website premiere because that’s how these things tend to work in the music industry. 

So what’s Lion like? Well, you can probably decide for yourself by just pressing play, but if you want some words, I’d suggest it’s a weird mix of the ethereal combined with the heavy hitting. A sort of modern day synthy Clannad perhaps? I can certainly imagine a video that features clouds of mist, lots of eerie blue light, wind machines, an icy lake and some muscular looking warrior lords from the north.

Casi - Lion

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