Wednesday, 8 June 2016

New Music: Alice Jemima - So

A few years ago when Alice Jemima was asked who she ideally wanted to work with or produce her LP she took only a moment to think about her answer before boldly stating “Jamie XX”. Whilst Alice’s wish hasn’t come true (yet) there’s no doubt that there’s a big dollop of influence from The XX on the sound of So, the second track on her second EP and the first to be released through a record label (Sunday Best) rather than self-released.

For people who were introduced to Alice by way of Liquorice, So represents a different side of her musical output. If Liquorice was Alice’s daydream pop record then So is its midnight musical cousin that takes you dancing all through the night. “You got me feeling wow, and that’s all I want right now,” she sings as the intricate beats, skeletal song structure and that voice bring on the goosebumps again.

Fact: The 4 songs on the forthcoming EP are all flawless – every one of them could have been the lead track. Go and pre-order it by clicking here for the vinyl, then go and see her play her first London headline show, next week at the Sebright Arms on the 15th June, you can grab tickets here. Oh and if anyone knows Jamie XX, get him to get in contact with Alice Jemima. I'm sure she wouldn't mind him knocking out a remix of this track.

Alice Jemima - So

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