Thursday, 16 June 2016

New Music: Introducing - Maggie Rogers

There’s been a hell of a buzz on line about Alaska by Maggie Rogers, with her Facebook likes going into overload following a Pharrell Williams masterclass at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute where Williams was blown away by the tune calling it and her talent ‘singular’. Watch the normally expressionless face of Pharrell as he finds something connecting with him in a big way below (from around the 18.15 mark). It's worth watching just to see an old stager of the music industry being completely moved by something.

Maggie started out as a folk musician and banjo player but having taken time out in France she suddenly found the fire and energy of dance music. You can hear both elements in Alaska. It finally got a fully polished release on Soundcloud yesterday and has already picked up 200k plays. It is a truly is a beautiful piece of pop music that’s worth every bit of hype it’s getting. There are elements of someone like Beth Orton in the verses but with a celestial pop chorus - it's subtle and yet easily accessible. If you’ve read a number of posts on Breaking More Waves you’ll probably be able to guess that this one was going to grab me hook line and sinker. Just like Pharrell. It has.

Maggie Rogers - Alaska

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