Wednesday 1 June 2016

New Music: Night Games - Suffocate

If Suffocate by Night Games seems familiar to you then it’s probably because this song has lurked in the shadows of the past – in fact a quick check on Hype Machine reveals that a couple of sites (including the ever reliable Just Music I Like - the blog where I first discovered Night Games) wrote about the song in 2014 and 2015. However, it appears somewhere along the line Suffocate disappeared and has now resurfaced, giving a second opportunity for those (most) of us who missed it first time round.

Suffocate isn’t a simple pop song by any stretch of the imagination. It’s way deeper and out there than that. Its closest cousin would probably be something from FKA Twigs, although Suffocate sounds less disconnected, the sounds are less scattered and there’s a more of an understandable structure to what’s going on. In fact Suffocate is a little less try hard than Twigs, but it’s still full of wonderful mystery and oddness, Constance's voice going from a breathy whisper to stretching for the stars over its duration.

Like all of my favourite pop music right now, you’re not going to find Suffocate storming up the Radio 1 playlist, it’s way too leftfield and experimental for that; and it’s all the better for it.

Night Games - Suffocate

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