Saturday, 9 May 2015

Ryn Weaver - The Fool (Video)

Ryn Weaver looks like becoming half a decent pop star doesn’t she? She’s not fully there yet though. For starters you really have to be idolised by a significant number of fans before the star status is achieved and secondly you have to re-shape the pop star template just enough to make it your own. So whilst Ryn works on that can we all agree that what she definitely has are some way more than half decent songs?

The Fool is one of those songs. We’ve streamed it before on Breaking More Waves, but now it has a slightly surreal video that has a cute fluffy bunny, a man pretending to be some sort of superhero (he’s pretty rubbish to be honest), some slow motion, some cows and some weird watery witchcraft. Your guess is as good as ours as to whether it means anything or not – possibly something about the different stages of a relationship? 

In extra news, you might remember we hinted in our last post that Ryn was playing her first UK show on Wed 3rd June and we were gunning for it to be at the Adelphi Club in Hull. Well, inevitably the inevitable has happened and instead Ryn is playing for New Shapes at Notting Hill Arts Club, London alongside Scotland’s Kloë. Sorry Hull. 

Ryn Weaver - The Fool (Video)

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