Monday 4 May 2015

Misty Miller - Next To You (Video)

Misty Miller's Next To You originally surfaced back in 2013, but has been buffed up and renewed for 2015. The video, which was co-directed and edited by Milo Edwards and Misty herself was filmed at The Fox on the Hill, Misty's flat, and 'that' Burberry acoustic bench in Wimbledon that you might ‘remember’ from when Misty was quite a different artist (here). Since that time over 1 million people have seen her sitting on that bench.

The video takes some pretty literal interpretations of the song’s lyrics – eggs are broken to lines about eggs being broken and legs are shaved to, yep you’ve guessed it, words about legs being shaved. “You used to love it, whenever I sing, but now it’s like you don’t hear anything. You used to listen to every word I say, but now it’s like the only way to get through to you is if I kneel down and pray,” Misty complains at one point. Yep, she sounds pretty pissed off, but she's also said that the song was actually a lot of fun to write. “What I'm saying in the song are things most girls feel but no one has the guts to say, especially not in pop music.” Keep saying them Misty, we’re enjoying your resentment.

Next To You is available as a limited edition 7” and free download release.

Misty Miller - Next To You (Video)

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