Saturday 30 May 2015

Lif3blood - Like The Sunshine ft Kate Miller

“I make tunes,” new producer Lif3blood states on his / her Twitter bio. That’s all they’re giving away about themselves. They could be a purple three footed alien from outer space and we wouldn’t know. 

However, there’s a more open and human side to his / her / its debut, a rework of The Korgi’s top 5 hit Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime, in the form of singer Kate Miller, who cropped up a couple of times on the blog in 2014 prior to releasing her debut EP Neophyte. This track, a balearic house production, is somewhat different to Kate’s solo offerings, but it'll make you realise that its 'song of the summer' time and nearly every music writer in the UK will be rolling that cliché out some point in the next month or so if they haven't done so already. Oh, looks like we just did it right there. Next you'll possibly find us jumping into the swimming pool whilst shouting TUNE very loudly indeed.

Lif3blood wasn't wrong with that Twitter bio. He / she /it should have just put the word tunes in capital letters.

Lif3blood - Like The Sunshine ft Kate Miller

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