Monday 25 May 2015

Laura St. Jude - I Can't Stop Loving You

Having spent much of the last two years touring with the now defunct The Amazing Snakeheads, where she provided guest vocals, guitar and percussion (as well as co-writing and singing on the band’s song Bullfighter) Glasgow's Laura St. Jude returns to deliver her first solo release since her debut Fatal EP from 2013

I Can’t Stop Loving You is one of two tunes that form Laura’s new double A-side single. With a hushed Mazzy Star like intimacy that’s both warm and haunting, what I Can’t Stop Loving You definitely isn't is an instant pop thrill. This is something deeper, something with an almost obsessional romance at its heart. That romance is so strong that Laura states: “It is a mantra for those so in love, that to live without is to die.” It’s a song to be played in the dead of night, as it comes heavy with slow burning melancholy, weeping guitars and Laura's calm bilingual vocal.

So dim the lights, find a quiet space and let this one drift over you, creating a darkly exotic David Lynch / Twin Peaks like mood.

Laura St. Jude - I Can't Stop Loving You

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