Thursday 14 May 2015

Hana - New Waves

We've fallen totally in love with Clay by new pop artist Hana. So let's  cut straight to the chase and give you the 5 facts you need to know about her. Maybe there’ll be time for some waffle as things progress:

1. Hana is not (as we originally thought it was) this Hana from Wales, who also makes music and we’ve also been keeping our eyes and ears on from afar. Confusing huh? 

2. This Hana (who we shall now refer to as Hana USA ) comes out of Los Angeles and and has been writing, recording and performing as Hana Pestle for a number of years, but throwing away the surname marks the start of something new and potentially much bigger. Her Facebook is named Officially Hana. We're not quite sure how you make a name official, but she's done it.

3. She used to live in Montana. Yes, it’s true. Hana (USA) really was Hana Montana, and we expect she’s thoroughly sick of the jokes.

4. Hana (USA) has been celebrated on the internet by the likes of Lorde, Grimes and Lana Del Rey and is stepping out on tour with the last of those two performers. (Note to both, particularly Grimes – please come to the UK soon, thank you).

5. Clay is a sad but incredibly captivating piece of reflective electronic pop, co-produced by Blood Diamonds – just the sort of thing that we adore on Breaking More Waves. “It’s four in the morning, I’m finding my own, you know you never said sorry, for all that you stole,” Hana (USA) sings with the sweetest of melodies before adding at the end: “Nothing to show, but my name.” And that name is Hana. (Without the USA). It's official. Keep an eye and ear out for it. But don’t get confused with Hana (Welsh version).

Hana - Clay

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