Tuesday 4 April 2017

New Music: Introducing - Shaefri

Today I’m introducing Shaefri, creator of slick, unsettling, downbeat electronic pop music. Monster, the third track she’s released as part of what seems like a new start (there are some references to older seemingly unavailable recordings online) is the one that’s really grabbed me. Hinting at the demons within that “crawl into my head,” the song is a haunting piece of leftfield pop full of hovering pulses, subdued beats and dead of night darkness. It’s accompanied by a video that adds an added layer of nightmarishness, with a masked creature following Shaefri, until the disguise is revealed.

Describing herself as “London-born, Irish/Egyptian-bred,” which makes her sound more like an animal than a human being, but who knows, maybe there are places in the world where they specifically breed musicians, Shaefri will be releasing her EP Cracks on 7th April.

She also plays a live show to launch it this on the 6th April at Notting Hill Arts Club, London.

Shaefri - Monster (Video)

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