Monday, 17 April 2017

New Music: The Kite String Tangle - Selfish

Music bloggers. They’re terrible aren’t they? So bloody fickle. Only posting something if they can get the premiere / first play, quickly discarding artists they’ve championed to move onto something else.

There is of course some validity in these criticisms, not only of bloggers, but the way many music fans (as against casual listeners happy to listen to say Adele and Ed Sheeran on repeat) consume pop in general these days. With everything being so accessible, the tantalising lure of the undiscovered is always going to have power over sticking to one thing.

So today I’m posting a track that fights against these arguments. It’s a ‘new’ song, but has already been on line for a month. No first play here. It’s by an artist that I’ve featured on the blog before, but only once, in an introducing piece way back in 2013. 

For those needing a recap, Danny Harley is The Kite String Tangle. He makes the sort of immaculate high production value electronic dance pop that the blogosphere tends to love. Selfish is his first new jam for a couple of years. It has a very of the moment sound with crisp beats and hooky synth motifs but under all of that there’s still something resolutely old fashioned; a song. It’ll probably make you want to do all sorts of jerky uncoordinated dance moves.

The Kite String Tangle - Selfish

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