Thursday 27 April 2017

New Music: Haim - Right Now (Video)

The ways that bands chose to represent and present themselves, especially when returning after a hiatus from public exposure is probably a more interesting dilemma than ever before; simply because there are so many possibilities. Haim have chosen to do it in the same way that London Grammar did earlier this year; a simple performance piece. No thrills, no big budget flash video, no deep conceptual idea, just a reminder of the reason why these guys were successful in the first place – namely all the simple stuff – the songs, the talent and the ability to (at their best) be an invigorating live experience.

“This is where we start…live in the studio. There’s more to come, but this is it right now,” the band tweeted. 

Right Now is more understated than the band’s first album material. It’s not a huge pop hit banger and the phrasing in the first vocal section feels a little out of place, but as the songs builds (and you just know that it’s going to, as soon as the first rough guitar chords sound out) it soon becomes clear that this is a very fine return from Haim. 

As the voice says at the end: “That’s how ya fuckin’ do it.” 

Haim - Right Now

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