Wednesday, 19 April 2017

New Music: Introducing - St Jude The Obscure

There's probably quite a few people who would be surprised by this statement, but Jude The Obscure is my favourite Thomas Hardy novel. Maybe it's because it’s pretty grim and I’m generally quite a fan of heavy lingering darkness in both novels and movies. 

But I digress, this isn’t a literature blog. So let’s get back to the music.

In this case, it’s a band who were once called Feral Love and are now called St. Jude The Obscure and have, with Wonders Of Youth, put together a perfectly blissful and glistening piece of electronic pop. Think Goldfrapp with Kate Bush doing background chanting in a zero-gravity suit and you won’t be that far off the mark. It’s equal parts minimal and epic and also gets better as you burrow deeper even though it's pretty instant as well - always a good way to make a pop record. A second song, the more danceable Wreckage (which you can find by clicking here), is equally fine. 

Jude The Obscure = Grim. Wonders Of Youth by St Jude The Obscure = Beautiful. I love both.

St. Jude The Obscure - Wonders Of Youth

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