Wednesday 7 December 2016

New Music: Introducing - Bien

They might hail from Nashville but Bien challenge all the preconceived ideas and assumptions you are probably making about their location and the genre of music they make. For they are as far away from country as you could imagine. Their stuff is all synths, beats and melodies and it sounds absolutely wonderful. Then just to add some variety they've recorded a gorgeous strings and piano duet as well; it will make you swoon a little harder.

Having released their debut EP in September, as yet they haven’t picked up much traction, with just a handful of plays on Soundcloud and around a thousand plays per song on Spotify. This is a real shame because the EP is a truly irresistible collection of pop songs – the biggest difficulty I had in writing this post was choosing which particular song to stream. Eventually I picked Crowd Goes Wild, a tune which mixes old fashioned geeky robot pop electronic sounds with plenty of modern flourishes, dreamy soft vocals and hooks galore. By the time they sing ‘throw up your hands, get up, get down,’ I pretty much guarantee that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. Get ready to feel the heat, as Bien drop the beat. Pop music of the finest order.

Try Crowd Goes Wild below and the whole EP on Spotify by clicking here.

Bien - Crowd Goes Wild

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