Sunday 6 November 2016

The Sunday Surf #2

This is the Sunday Surf. A weekly round-up of a few songs that got away during the week, with just a very brief summary attached to each one.

Whilst the blog is on a relative slow down for the next couple of months (for the reasons why see the previous post here), the Sunday Surf, as a new feature, will remain largely regular.

Pets – Falling Blind

By rights Pets should be a huge hit on the internet – after all the place is swarming with pictures of cats and dogs. For me photos of pets are like pictures of other people’s children – sure they’re cute, but really I’m not that interested. I’m more interested in the musical kind – like this band. Pets new song Falling Blind, is either a pop song with a rock heart or a rock song with a pop head, I’m not sure which, maybe both, but either way it’s a tune that has an emphatically epic and measured structure that builds towards an impressive finale.

Rhain – Pavlova

I had a raspberry pavlova for my pudding on Friday. It was very nice. It was from Tesco – one of their Finest range. However, as nice as the pavlova was, I’m also interested in the musical variety. Pavolva is the follow up to previous song Jospehine. It has a similar musical path with stripped back piano, Rhain’s edgy somewhat eerie vocal and not a raspberry in site. 

Julia Jacklin – Don’t Let The Kids Win

Julia’s Jacklin’s debut album is a slow burning beauty and from it comes a gorgeously shot video for the contemplative title track. Of the song Julia says “I think it sums up the theme of the record nicely and where I was in my life at the time. Doubting everything but a bit too tired to let it get to me too much. Just kind of going well… yeah I’m freaking out about getting older and running out of time but so is everyone! So just sing about it, move on and keep working.”

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