Wednesday 2 November 2016

New Music: Lauran Hibberd - I Don't Like It When You Smile

For anyone impatient for a third album from singer Lucy Rose, then the Isle of Wight’s Lauran Hibberd should be a very welcome distraction. I Don’t Like It When You Smile, Lauran’s second release, has a sound that is immediately recognisable; an agreeable mix of indie, pop and folk all brushed with Lauran’s absorbingly lovely vocal. There are lots of subtle touches on the song that layer themselves to provide something that grows upwards and outwards; a pitter patter rhythm here, the bass that slowly introduces itself before bursting in with a flashlight moment there. And despite the rather negative sounding title the music only has the feel good factor.

“This track reveals a true insight into my over imaginative mind, it’s about so many different things, incorporating so many different people in my life. I love how open to interpretation it is for the listener, it’s my most unsheltered song to date,” say Lauran of the tune, which is released on the 25th November.

Lauran Hibberd - I Don't Like It When You Smile

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