Wednesday 2 November 2016

New Music: Liv Dawson - Open Your Eyes

Here are a few of my golden rules of gig going: 

1. If you have long hair and intend on dancing or swaying your head around, tie your hair back - ideally into a bun or low ponytail. The person standing behind you doesn't want a mouthful of your locks in their face, mouth or drink. Unless they have a weird hair fetish of course, but I think there's special clubs for that.

2. Music is about sound. Therefore when the band are playing, shut the fuck up with your conversation so that everyone around you can hear the sound properly. 

3. Busy gigs can mean a lot of people crammed into an area. It's likely that your zone of personal space is going to be invaded. You need to accept this. However, whilst we are all invading each other's comfort zones we need to be accommodating and aware of each other. If someone slips or falls, help them up. If someone is unwell, get the attention of a venue staff member and medical assistance. If you are pushed or bump into someone apologise. Don't even think about groping anyone that hasn't given their consent. Act like a decent human being. 

4. Always get to the gig early and watch the support bands. You might regret it if you don't when 5 years later they are headlining arenas at £50 a ticket.

Last weekend I went to see Honne. The support act (who I was there to see as much as Honne - following rule 4 above) was Liv Dawson. Ironically, when I first wrote about Liv on the blog in May I started the piece by writing about rule 4 then, so what goes around, comes around.

Her set was very short, but one thing was immediately apparent - the purity of her voice. Every song was pitch perfect, delivered with the accuracy of a gold winning Olympic shooter, without ever being bombastic. My ears were instantly charmed.

Of course it's early days for Liv and so maybe her stage confidence still needs to grow a little, but given the opportunity that will surely come, but for now her voice is plenty enough to make someone's day better. Here's another example of her gorgeous tones, on new electronic crooner Open Your Eyes, which was produced by Guy Lawrence of Disclosure and finds Liv singing to someone that she'll never be what they want her to be.

According to Radio 1 Extra they are 'premiering' the tune tonight at 7.45pm GMT. But considering it's already on Spotify and Soundcloud, I thought I'd give you the 'preview premiere'.

Liv Dawson - Open Your Eyes

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