Tuesday 29 November 2016

New Music: Hollow Coves - Coastline

The general consensus amongst much of my peer group has been that 2016 has been a pretty crap year. From the deaths of Bowie, Prince and Viola Beach through to terror attacks, police shootings, Brexit and Trump, there’s a sense of sadness and despondency amongst many of those that I associate with. Whether this really is a bad year or just that we notice events that we perceive to be negative more easily due to our greater connectivity is something that’s open to debate - only history will be able to fully judge. However, irrespective of future looking back, right now there are certainly people in my world who feel that life is pretty crap. Another fairly common theme amongst them is that to counteract their mood they are turning to escapism. The need to get away from it all seems more apparent than ever.

If you feel a bit like that, this song might just do the trick. Coastline’s soft acoustic touches and glowing imagery are immediately seductive, as with a relaxed gait Brisbane’s Hollow Coves sing of moving far away to a warmer place. This is a song for dreamers, for those who need to take some of the harshness away, for those who want to drift and feel some comfort. Sometimes simple stuff like this can help for a few minutes.

Hollow Coves - Coastline

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