Friday, 11 November 2016

Ones to Watch 2017 #3 - LANY

The third choice of a One to Watch for 2017 is a bit of an odd one. For LANY has been around since they cropped up on line with virtually no information about them available in 2014. Since that time they’ve amassed a stack of songs out there for you to listen to. Of all of these choices of Ones to Watch they’re certainly the most established.

So why pick them? They seem a bit beyond a new music blog tip list for the year ahead.

The reason is simple, this is one band that I can guarantee that there will be a debut album from in 2017 (the band have tweeted the fact, so confidence is high). Sometimes on our previous Ones to Watch lists I’ve chosen acts that for one reason or another haven’t got that much further than the odd single the next year, if that. Others have taken a year or two to really get going after I’ve tipped them (for example Marina & The Diamonds was on the BBC Sound of List one year after my Ones to Watch selection, and Alice Jemima who I picked as One to Watch for 2013 will be releasing her debut album next year). So with LANY I’m playing safe.

Just in case you haven’t heard of them before today (and I’m assuming that being new music fans most of you will have and will be scratching your heads at my selection, suggesting perhaps that they should have been Ones to Watch for 2015 or even 16) here’s some basic facts: LANY are a trio consisting of Paul Jason Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss, they hail from Los Angeles and they make the sort of subtle electropop that fits very easily amongst a lot of what I post on Breaking More Waves. Having supported Ellie Goulding earlier this year in the UK, some of their return shows in September had to be upgraded due to popular demand. With that album I mentioned forthcoming I can only see them connecting with even more people. But this isn’t just a Ones to Watch tip because of their potential popular appeal. This is also because of their songs. Take a listen to yea, babe, no way below, which in amongst its dreamy summery electronic warmth finds singer Paul Klein tumbling with that ‘I miss you, but it didn’t work out, should I call I can’t’ dilemma. 

Watch out for that 2017 album. It might just soundtrack your summer.

LANY - yea, babe, no way

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