Thursday 11 August 2016

New Music: Tyne - Somebodies Something

In the constant shape shifting world of pop it’s not uncommon for artists to change their names; there can be all sorts of creative and commercial reasons for doing so. Here’s one such example. She’s called Tyne but used to be known as Grace Sarah. The last time I wrote about Grace Sarah I suggested that if she continued at the rate she was, in terms of knocking out quality pop songs, it wouldn’t be a surprise if record labels start paying some attention.

Well it would seem that I was correct, for now Tyne has her first song released under her new identity. Somebodies Something is featured on a new compilation called Odd Numbers Volume 1 put together by 37 Adventures (who have released the likes of Jones and Rosie Lowe). It’s a nuanced chill-pop cut coloured with deft and immaculate flourishes of electronic production that draw you in slowly. It’s not a big hitter, it’s subtler than that – but that’s its beauty. 

Tyne - Somebodies Something

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