Tuesday, 9 August 2016

New Music: Saya - Cherry Bomb

Not that statistics matter one iota when I’m considering what music to post on Breaking More Waves – an artist could have 1 single stream or 10 million – but Toronto native Saya has certainly got off to a good start in gaining a fan base with her debut track Wet Dreams, which has clocked up 2 and three quarter million plays on Spotify and hit the top of the Spotify Global Viral Chart. Of course her pop star credentials (the most important of which is being a bit bonkers) were already well on display having jumped straight in with the bath promo shot for that first cut.

Now she’s having a go at doing it all again (that’s the big hitting pop music, not the bath, although at some point I hope she does have a bath, after all nobody likes a dirty smelly popstar) with new r n b / pop groover Cherry Bomb, which she has described as ‘a trip through an erotic fantasy.’ I have no idea what such a trip sounds like, but apparently it’s this, which has certainly got my booty shaking and grinding. However, I should at this point out that my booty shaking and grinding certainly isn’t anyone’s idea of a trip through an erotic fantasy, more (at best) the stuff of comedy and at worse your darkest nightmare.

Take a listen below. I’m particularly liking the part around 3.30 where Saya appears to lose the plot a bit lyrically - is she really saying ‘got me like a mummy mummy, you can call me mummy lovey, even meet my mummy bunny, how we got so lucky lucky?’ As I said – bonkers. There’s also a few  'ha ha' chants in amongst the beats that sound a bit like MØ, so extra marks for that. This one’s a lot of bubbly fun. Saya slays ya.

Saya - Cherry Bomb

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