Wednesday, 3 August 2016

New Music: Tender - Outside

“Tender is the night,” Damon Albarn sang once and certainly everything that Tender has released so far seems like a perfect night time jam. Now signed to Partisan (The Wytches, Dilly Dally, Sylvan Esso, John Grant etc) the London two piece (who unless I’m horribly mistaken, and I’m 99.9% certain I’m not, are also members of the band New Desert Blues) return with Outside, a sultry breathy tune that’s not afraid to lob one of those ‘I’m going to close my eyes and pull a few orgasm faces as I play it’ guitar solos in at the end. Eric Clapton eat your heart out. It’s the musical equivalent of a pair of black silky undergarments. How about a label for their sound? If I had to have a go I’d maybe go for psychedelic r&b. Or even better, let’s just label it dead good.

Footnote: Tip for bands – don’t just have 1 promo shot of yourselves like Tender do, otherwise I have to go searching Facebook to ‘borrow’ another one. Thanks. If desperate, just jump in the bath and take a pic of yourself there. It’s what everyone else is doing. (Apologies to any newcomers re: the bath joke – you have some catching up to do. Start by clicking here.)

Tender - Outside

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