Thursday 4 August 2016

New Music: Warpaint - New Song

Sadly it’s not a cover of the synth pop tune of optimism and freeing your mind of preconceived ideas by 80s synth and keytar wizard Howard Jones, but still, this er.... new song by Warpaint positively grooves with a near tribal funkiness. It’s the sound of a band loosening up, and having fun: “You’ve got the moves, bang bang baby,” they chant. Sure it’s silly, like taking your clothes off and running into the ocean after a drunken beach party, but hell, life is short, let's enjoy it. A fine return and probably my favourite song they've ever released with the exception of Undertow and Stars. It's good to see a band shaking it up a little (and hence getting their first post on this blog since way back in 2009).

Warpaint - New Song

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