Wednesday, 10 August 2016

New Music: Introducing - The Medicine Hat

Meet The Medicine Hat, a five-piece band who hail from Hamilton Canada and specialise in songs that weld together elements of classic melodic rock, sumptuous synths and moments of heady yet graceful sonic jubilation. They have two tracks on their Soundcloud, each one being equally majestic and well crafted. 

St Celia (streaming below) references the patroness of musicians and sounds for a couple of seconds of its intro as if it’s going to dive into some straightforward shoegaze, but it’s far more interesting than that - it has the effect of a beautiful tapestry – sewn together with a careful completeness. This is music that is well paced and perfectly executed. Their other tune, New Survival, has just a hint of Fleetwood Mac about it together with some retro synth sounds. It’s a song that although it’s been released in 2016 could really have come from any point from the mid 70’s onwards. It also sounds like it’s ready for stadiums.

Whilst these songs are relatively new on the internet, The Medicine Hat have been together for a number of years. You can still hear some of their older material on You Tube, but it’s St Celia and New Survival where they've really upped their game.

The Medicine Hat is Michael Boyd, Elliott Gwynne, Chris Pruden, Nabi Bersche and Tyler Bersche. If they’ve got more songs like this hidden away, they could be on to something.

The Medicine Hat - St Cecilia 

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