Wednesday, 17 August 2016

New Music: Chløë Black - Deathproof

Apologies for swearing but why the f*ck isn’t Chløë Black is a huge pop star? With the likes of 27 Club (labels take note – this one deserves a massive re-release), her show stopping cover of Kanye West’s Runaway and last year’s incredible social statement of a song Groupie, she should by now be sitting on a throne wearing a crown labelled ‘queen of pop’ being served the finest champagne by Beyonce, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Adele. OK, maybe I’m going a little over the top here – but only a little.

Perhaps Deathproof will be the one to push her a few rungs further up the ladder from lady in waiting to at least pop princess? This is unquestionably a big tune. Not only that but like all Black’s songs, lyrically it’s way more interesting than the regular ‘call me on the cell phone we’re in da club you’re getting sexy just be who you are’ type that seem to infiltrate virtually every chart hit there is. Dealing with the idea of young fearlessness and the risk taking behaviour that such a belief system can encourage “because we’re fucked up anyway,” Deathproof is a hedonistic and invincible pop song that makes even the old and safe among us want to go running into the raging sea drunk, naked and screaming with joy. F*ckin' brilliant - no apology required.

 Chløë Black - Deathproof

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