Wednesday 6 July 2016

New Music: Petite Meller - Milk Bath (Video)

Oh sh*t. No sooner had I called it a day on talking about musicians and pop stars in the bath (yesterday on this post), then along comes Petite Meller with a new video for a song called Milk Bath. And yes, she does get in the tub in the video, or at least partly – for the tub in question is just a tiny tin bath. And yes, there’s milk. And cows. And a big pink lake. And dancing in a very pink and blue pastel locker room. Well this is a Petite Meller video. What did you expect? Her ‘rocking out’ in an abandoned warehouse / office building with some guitars and strobe lights? Or her ‘in da club’ with 4 good looking semi naked dancers twerking either side of her? 

Thankfully not. 

Petite Meller is definitely one of the more interesting people out there in planet pop right now – not just with her visuals but her music too. Milk Bath steers well away from the current pop zeitgeist and plays around with African sounds, integrating some of the rhythms and chants of that culture (members of Ladysmith Black Mambazo were involved) into her own joyful world, one where with all this talk of bathing she sings of feeling "dirty but alive.” 

Oh and fun fact: The song was partly recorded at a studio called Dairy. Where else?

Enjoy the moosic (sorry).

Petite Meller - Milk Bath (Video)

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