Tuesday, 5 July 2016

New Music: Introducing - Bad Fit

I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for a pretty and dreamy sounding pop tune painted over the top of a fuzzy less polished guitar sound and so whilst catching up on some of my favourite blogs last weekend the recommendation of this new Northern Irish four-piece via Chris at The Metaphorical Boat hit the spot immediately. According to Chris, Bad Fit (the baddest band in Belfast as stated on their social media pages) only played their first official gig very recently, but more importantly one of their number has appeared on Pointless, the only TV quiz show that for some as yet unexplained reason I seem to do rather well at. Actually scrub that, the fact that I’m quite good at Pointless wasn’t according to Chris, that was according to me.

The band’s debut song Strong Forever is, despite its uplifting melody, a song of endings. We’ve probably all had that kick in the teeth at some point in life where you think you’re untouchable, your relationship is invincible and that everything is perfect, then suddenly everything comes crashing down around you. It’s over. Strong Forever catches that moment: “You said that we were better off together - I guess that it was all pretend.” Sad face etc, but happy face for the music. 

Strong Forever is self released by the band. If I had a D-I-Y indie record label (I don't) I'd be begging to work with them. 

Bad Fit - Strong Forever

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